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"She's lucky."The same can't be said for her mother, Kathy Hilton, and her aunts, Kim Richards and Kyle Richards, who have been at odds regarding a number of problems.Kathy Hilton is a New York-born actress, a businesswoman and a philanthropist.She is also known as the mother of Nicky and Paris Hilton.Kathy Hilton was born on March 13, 1959 to father Laurence K. Raised in New York City, Kathy saw her parents go through a tragic divorce."I am so fortunate that my parents have been together forever," she said."They're so supportive, they're there for me, they love me ...

"I mean, I did think she was going to be a veterinarian." Kathy Hilton told Morgan that her daughter was a tomboy as a child, and that "she didn't even care about clothing or any of that until we moved to New York." Paris Hilton said she doesn't think she would be the success she is today without her family's love and support.When Morgan asked Hilton what she thought about the people who put the tape out there -- specifically her ex-boyfriend, Rick Salomon -- Hilton said she "just felt so betrayed. This was someone I was with for a few years." Later in the interview, she confided that she thinks Salomon is "a very bad person." Hilton was 20 when the tape was made and recently turned 30.She told Morgan that she feels like she's "really grown in the past couple of years." She said she hopes her new show on the Oxygen network, "The World According To Paris," will clear up the "many misconceptions" people have about her. "I was finally ready to show who I really was, and I'm really honest in the show, and there's a lot of things in the show I can't even believe I'm going to let air.If I didn't have my parents, I don't know where I'd be today." Aside from her new series and recording an album, Hilton told Morgan, "I have 17 different product lines, so I do everything from fragrances, handbags, clothing, shoes, sunglasses, pet products, stationery, bedding. I just launched my 11th fragrance." While Hilton made it clear that she feels uncomfortable discussing money, she did disclose that her brand amasses her more than million a year. "I'm very proud of what I've done." Hilton said her brand personifies "fashion, fun, excitement and amazing products." "I really am passionate about every single thing I do ...

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and I've worked really hard to achieve all this." Hilton, who has been dating businessman and entrepreneur Cy Waits for over a year, told Morgan she has "never been happier." He just makes me feel so safe," she said of Waits.

rather, he asked if Prince Harry should get a prenup and Rick clearly thinks he should.