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Unfortunately, he opened the bar about halfway between Doc's shop and the paintball field, not knowing what was about to happen. Amazingly enough, she loved it, and they've been playing together ever since. Favorite food: Grilled burgers with bacon and cheese Previously unpublished fact: Canadian expat.In fact, she's a better player that he is, although he won't admit it. Had to stop himself from saying "eh" all the time.) Full name: Tawny Madison. Tawny had just started dating Snowshoe when he dragged her to a paintball game. Special ability: Clears most doorways with almost two feet to spare. Larry and Daryl are teenage brothers who got into paintball in a big way. Runs a military-surplus and secondhand store up in the big city. (Ermine-phase stoat, Mustela erminea) Full name: As-yet unpublished The Nemesis.Small (don't call him short) and quick, he's a natural front man. A decent snapshot, but very good at shooting while running. Currently dating Howie, whom she convinced to remodel the bar, rather than spending the latest insurance check on a largish Caribbean Island. Favorite food: Broiled salmon with cranberry sauce.Can be kind of a loudmouth on the field, but tends to keep to himself more while off. Hasn't tried to kill Doc ) Full name: As-yet unpublished. Not a terribly big fan of Doc; she likes how much he can eat and drink at the bar, but hates the chaos that inevitably follows him. Favorite food: Chicken, either fried, barbecued or as hot wings. Favorite marker: An ancient Sheridan KP rifle, bought new in 1985. Favorite phrase: "It's customary to leave the playing field when marked.Sometimes has "accidents" with his spray when surprised, and gets very embarrassed about it.Currently dating Pirta, to whom he is eternally grateful. Previously unpublished fact: Once did the taxes for a guy that used to work for the CIA.) Real name: Pirta Raushan (middle name) The Hot Chick. Loves going through Doc's huge collections of old paintball magazines. Favorite weapon: Taser-Bullwhip, which he uses for reffing.) Real name: Mortimer James Abraham Tiberius Nickelovich-Smythe The Boss.Owner of the local Paintball Store, DARPA subcontractor and occasional Mad Scientist.

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The more complicated the better Favorite food: Taco Bell's Harp Seal Empanada Favorite phrase: "What could possibly go wrong?A recent transplant, he father let her choose paintball or karate, but wouldn't let her have any nunchucks. Favorite food: Pan-seared steak, rare, with onions and lots of garlic. Favorite weapon: Rosenbauer Panther 6x6 Aircraft Rescue Firefighting vehicle Favorite food: Hot Pockets in pepperoni pizza flavor. Favorite marker: Gold-tone Yotta Blaster, an old spooler he's had for a couple years. Favorite phrase: "I'd like to see you in my office." Previously unpublished Fact: Pretty much all facts about Quisenberry are unpublished. Previously unpublished Fact: Hasn't been able to find anyone who will let him join their D&D game since he was 12. ) Full name: Anonymous group- Smith, Jones, Brown, etc. He has generally tried to give warnings or advice, but Doc is typically too busy playing in his dream-world, which to him works a lot like a holodeck, to notice.

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