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01-Sep-2020 04:18

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You won't find the heavy incense/smoke of Shal in Chantilly, but the drydowns are def very very similar. My grandmother had the exact same and I remember begging her to add some to my bath water when I was a little girl.

My tastes in perfumes was off to a very good start I believe!

:) Chantilly classic French perfume of exquisite taste.

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They share some of the same notes but is in no way shape or form a dupe or clone. I have always wondered why they called it Chantilly. We think of Chantilly lace and Chantilly is the name of a town in France with a beautiful and historic chateau which has stood since the time of Louis XIV. These are queenly florals and they have a luminescence like pearls in this perfume.I was also horribly allergic to it, so despite its nostalgic appeal I don't need to hunt it down on ebay or elsewhere. There are no aldehydes in the opening to Chantilly but it goes into a very citrusy direction with lots of heady orange blossoms, bergamot orange juice, lemon, lime and citrus notes galore in the vein of Shalimar or Emeraude.