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For example, you can add Enter as a forward focus traversal key with the following four lines of code: Set forward Keys = get Focus Traversal Keys( Keyboard Focus Manager.FORWARD_TRAVERSAL_KEYS); Set new Forward Keys = new Hash Set(forward Keys); new Forward Keys.add(Key Key Stroke(Key Event.However, on other operating systems, such as Solaris™ Operating System, the window manager may choose the focused window based on cursor position, and in these cases the behavior of the method is different.A component generally gains the focus when the user clicks it, or when the user tabs between components, or otherwise interacts with a component.These visual cues let the user know to which component any typing will relate.

For example, in Focus Concepts Demo, the first button has the initial focus.Tabbing moves the focus through the buttons into the text area.Additional tabbing moves the cursor within the text area but not out of the text area because, inside a text area, Tab is a focus traversal key.JButton button = new JButton("I am first"); panel.add(button); Content Pane().add(panel); //Add it to the panel frame.pack(); //Realize the components. button.request Focus In Window(); Visible(true); //Display the window.

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The focus subsystem is designed to do the right thing as invisibly as possible.The Control key is used by convention to move the focus out of any component that treats Tab in a special way, such as .