Updating video card drivers xp

06-Jan-2021 21:44

The 640x480 standard driver supplied with autotrax (vga640) seems to work with just about any system that can run Autotrax natively.Anyway, our recommendation is to run Autotrax inside DOSBox 0.74, there are DOSBox ports to many, many operating systems, and it just works, saving your time.

updating video card drivers xp-49

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Restart your computer after the new driver is installed if your computer doesn't restart automatically.

If the driver resolution required is NOT in the zip file the VESA graphic driver source is available - it is quite possible to download this and make a new driver to suit.

(or ask nicely, and when we have the time here at Air Born, we can do it for you) The real issue comes with the higher resolutions that we all want to use to get the most out of the software...

There have been a few installs where the screen is not correctly redrawn after Alt-Tab switching.

If the suggestions above don't sort out the problems, it is worth trying the modeforce drivers Vnnnn MDF.

Also, when the next version of windows breaks something else in your setup, someone is likely to rework DOSBox (it is open source) and so release a fix soon after.

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