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08-Mar-2020 07:02

You’ve refused to just “grow up” “get real” or “be serious.” Your guilty isolation is over.

This book gives you permission and validation for what you’ve known in your bones all along.

While parts of this story may already live on your nightstand or bookshelf, we’re willing to bet that some parts will surprise, shock and delight you--this whole thing is way bigger than you thought.

(and there’s plenty of hat tips and Easter Eggs stashed throughout to keep you on your toes :) You know who you are.

Web/Social: Jamie Wheal is an expert on peak performance and leadership, specializing in the neuroscience and application of Flow states. He studied historical anthropology under Mac Arthur Fellow Patricia Nelson Limerick, specializing in utopian social movements and his work has appeared in anthologies and peer-reviewed academic journals.

If you are prone to magical thinking, fundamentalism (of any stripe) fuzzy logic, general vagueness of purpose, or addictive or manic tendencies, like to follow leaders, don’t watch your parking meters and a host of other obvious caveats, this book may NOT be for you.

Stealing Fire is a provocative examination of what’s actually possible; a guidebook for anyone who wants to radically upgrade their life.

See the Authors in: Steven Kotler is a New York Times bestselling author, an award-winning journalist and the cofounder / director of research for the Flow Genome Project.

He is also the author of eight books, including Stealing Fire, The Rise of Superman, Tomorrowland, Bold, Abundance, West of Jesus, A Small Furry Prayer and The Angle Quickest for Flight.

His writing has been translated into over 40 languages and appeared in over 80 publications, including The New York Times, Atlantic Monthly, Forbes, Wired and TIME.

He appears frequently on television and radio, and is an in-demand speaker and advisor to everyone from the U. Naval War College and Special Operations Command to Cisco and Google.

Those fleeting moments you’ve spent outside yourself, connected to something bigger, are the North Stars of your life.

Without them, you’d probably shrivel up and die, but you’ve always had a hard time explaining their appeal, and justifying them to everyone around you.Fire Stealers--crazy ones, misfits, rebels and trouble-makers--this book is about you and your crew.

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