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So yes, it has changed a fair bit since then and will continue to do so. It is weird in the way that people thought the first cell phone was weird and unnecessary. Some of these people find love, and others have a nice time and good conversation and call it a night, and a very, very small minority end up in a ditch.Williams says, “relationship experts point to technology as another factor in the upending of dating culture.”Uh, yes. The thing is, the way we meet each other may be unconventional, and if I can be “courted” by putting up a picture of my face and saying in my "about me" section that I am “really good at tying knots,” then so be it.He argues that, “'dates' among 20-somethings resemble college hook-ups, only without the dorms.”I don’t disagree entirely with the sentiments expressed by Williams, although one glance at his white haired bio picture would suggest that he is a decidedly non-millenial and therefore, I hope to God, has not participated in said hookups with 20-somethings. Last week, I went on two dates; one on Wednesday night, one on Thursday. I successfully freaked my friends out when they asked me where I was meeting Wednesday man and I answered with, “my apartment.” I was joking, obviously.He is likely unable to grasp the nuances of the new courtship-the ease and speed we have brought to it as a way of keeping safe our time and money. (I’m pretty sure my mom who is undoubtedly reading this just had a baby stroke.) In reality, I met them both at normal, nice after work bars-one in West Village, in New York City, the other in Midtown.Last time I was at STK I number crunched 3 hotties seated a table finishing up their dinner. 2 hours later I was making out with her next to the DJ booth. G, I'd like to see you work your magic at a little place in west hollywood called Eveleigh. I've never seen a venue so chock-full of "fly girls" as you'd put it. Turns out this fly waitress went to highschool with me. Asked me what I do, ran my standard story, she handed me her phone and went to the kitchen. Anyways, fly group of 3 girls 4 tables away, one is eyeing me. "Excuse me ladies, my friends and I over here (pointing) were having a heated debate about cold vs. I'm never one for hyperbole, but 2 nights ago the ratio must have been 5:1, no joke. The problem is all the girls are sitting down and eating. This dating culture or lack of it is mens fault, women are always innocent.

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They do have an outdoor area for smoking but not many girls head out there, and the bar doesn't have that same 5:1 ratio. A much-publicized study by Reach Advisors, a Boston-based market research group, found that the median income for young, single, childless women is higher than it is for men in many of the country’s biggest cities (though men still dominate the highest-income jobs, according to James Chung, the company’s president). There were tables of 8 hotties all having dinner with each other, no guys in sight. I've gotten a couple notches from approaches tables of 4 or smaller, but it's hard man, SUPER hard.It’s not so much that courtship is over; it’s that like anything-it is evolving. I told them both this was the first time I had been on an online date. I would say both dates were successes, two drinks paid for by not me (although I did offer ...Courtship, “may be an informal and private matter between two people or may be a public affair, or a formal arrangement with family approval” and one could argue, it begins with our ancestors reaching blindly for each other on the dirt floor of a cave. I’ve been told that the “check dance” is very important.) These dates both shifted inevitably to the topic of online dating and how inherently weird it is.I was running really good that night though..."OK, so if getting 'too drunk to attempt a conversation . Is this what being “able to have sex on our own terms” means?

Getting to know someone is a tedious task; you don't want to make a joke about cat ladies to your date, who has seven cats. Say goodbye to your typical dinner and movie, and say hello to Netflix and chill.

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