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24-Oct-2020 10:52

For me as a sexpest that makes Phils the best country in Asia to live. I am sure there is some of that in every country, but it seems worse in Thailand.

Thailand is known as the ‘land of smiles’ – amongst expats that becomes a sarcastic in-joke that Thais always smile to your face but talk bad about you behind your back. Filipina women seem to have a much more genuine interest in foreigners.

I Miss the old Guytalk Gang, That Crew was the Greatest and probably some of the best friends someone could have. =] Whenever i get home i can't wait to get on here. I love meeting new and exiting people and seeing what they have to say about life.

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Actually there are two that are polar opposites and one that is kind of in the middle.They also are just a very horny race of people and are so much better in bed.The majority of Cambodian girls I was with were terrible in bed, whereas you kiss a Filipina on the neck and she is instantly turned on.This is one where living in the Philippines dominates and both the other two are quite far behind.

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English is widely spoken in the Philippines, particularly in the cities and with people that expats come in contact with.Explore live sex shows with young, but definitely not shy, sex kittens who want to please.