Terms of dating

11-Jun-2020 23:40

For example, someone could post of a picture of their "new shoes" but really it's just an excuse to share a photo they look hot in.

A laybe isn’t altogether available right at this moment but plans to be soon and s/he likes to have someone waiting in the wings because, generally, a laybe doesn’t enjoy being single for even half a second.Used in a sentence: "We've been talking for a couple months.She's cool but it's nothing serious." Definition: A thirst trap is when someone posts a photo to induce "thirst" or longing from someone else in a subtle way.Hopefully, you don’t meet someone who’s seriously exing.

Exing simply means being obsessed with or addicted to your ex and all the attendant drama.

Let’s be honest — most guys on dating apps aren’t serious.

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