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The uneven distribution of weight caused the phone to move around the table when someone tried to dial.

She needed one hand to hold the base in place and the other to dial, while squeezing the handset between neck and shoulder.

Unlike porcelain and tin signs designed to sell a particular brand of gasoline, bread, soda pop, paint, or farm equipment, vintage telephone signs are location-oriented, directing people to payphones in an era when the idea of a telephone in one's pocket was the stuff of science fiction.

The need to identify the locations of telephones goes almost all the way back to the founding of the Bell Telephone Company in 1877 by inventor Alexander...

Because of customer pressure, Western produced a counterweight to be mounted on the right side of each phone, and repairmen made visits to retrofit tens of thousands of Princess phones in people's homes.

Millions of dollars were spent because the infallible Bell Laboratories rejected their own test results.

In 1956, the design of the Princess phone was turned over to Henry Dreyfuss Associates, which had designed earlier phones for Western Electric, and it would be the last telephone design to be overseen personally by Henry Dreyfuss.IP-based single line telephone sets offer many advanced services and features, including mobility and presence.More information IP-based single line sets is available at User Guides.You will hear a stutter dial tone followed by a standard dial tone confirmation that the switch hook has "flashed." The following features are programmed on your TDM and IP-based telephone by default: For more information on how to use these features and to see what other features are available, please see User Guides.

To install a single line phone, the building must have Northwestern IT telephone service available and an existing jack.Features of single line phones are accessed through keypad commands beginning with either the star or pound keys.