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In that public awareness of Nibiru, and what its passage will mean, is pending and urgent, there are more important matters to address. It means that all Hillary funds, laundered through the Clinton Foundation, will be confiscated.She and Bill accepted deposits from African dictators known for their human rights abuses. Any Saudi funds on US soil that the King cannot access will be confiscated.It is especially important, and frequently depicted, in the art, songs and oral histories of many Pacific Northwest Coast cultures, but is also found in various forms among some peoples of the American Southwest, East Coast of the United States, Great Lakes, and Great Plains. The legendary Thunderbird is real, but has been pushed to the brink of extinction by human development in many parts of its habitation.The bird is a cousin of the vultures, as drawings depict, and thus is not aggressive.It feeds on dead creatures, which can be found in the deserts of Southwest Texas and along shorelines where bodies of seals and whales and fish wash ashore.Being a passive opportunist, it avoids the hustle that mankind produces, with freeways and boats and airplanes. The Thunderbird flies at a high altitude, scanning for food, and thus sightings can be argued to be a smaller bird, the distance unknown.These young souls either grow toward empathy, becoming Service-to-Other, or fail to grow and like a newborn, remain in the Service-to-Self, centered on promoting and protecting the self.

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Trump’s recent statement that it was the “calm before the storm”, and various rumors that hundreds and perhaps up to 4,000 indictments had been issued, waiting to be served.

I'm aware some planets fail to navigate their crises successfully, such as Maldek, the current asteroid belt. Is Sweden's history of peaceful oligarch overthrow common or very rare?

What about planets, who do get thru pole changes and oligarchy overthrows successfully? The Earth, at present, is a 3rd Density spiritual schoolhouse where young souls are allowed to experience a broad range of challenges. The thunderbird is a legendary creature in certain North American indigenous peoples' history and culture.

It is considered a supernatural being of power and strength. A commercial airliner that was apparently coming in for a landing (or possibly a departure) at Mc Allen Int’l Airport had swung around in an arc behind the objects…and for a long moment I could see the two indiscriminate black objects superimposed upon the body of the airliner.Under these circumstances, the Earth can go into opposition, where instead of trying to align end-to-end with the stronger magnet, it points its Magnetic N Pole directly at Nibiru.

I'm not very comfortable with the notion of preventing or discouraging White people from having children because someone finds their genes "undesirable".… continue reading »

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Denken Sie jedoch bitte daran, dass die HTML5-Version der Seite stark eingeschränkte Funktionen besitzt (nicht optimale Videoqualität und die Möglichkeit von verzögertem Streaming).… continue reading »

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Die Suche nach Freundschaft und Romantik kann hart sein, wenn Sie nicht wissen, wo Sie überhaupt Leute dafür finden sollen.… continue reading »

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Awami Chat Rooms might be among the best sites that you should get together new other people and compatible people.… continue reading »

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A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. 5810., British Museum) has giveu a long account uf Uisihup Butts, so very disparag- ing, that the Ie»s said about bin uuiny short-comings the better. I1ii.-s liidy he buried under the communion-table of the cbnpel in bis palace, at Xorwicb [the iiittcription, with some ncccunt of the bishop, is given in Blomcficld's Xorfolk, «ltt. The author U known to be William Shair Mason, and in hui note on IIarrit)*s Ware^ he •" The firat two [vols.] only were printed ; ihey contain Jb« Antiquities, tnu Lives of tlic Hisliopfi, and the Irish "'titer* (.'ontiiiupil to the lifginiiing of the eightopnth itury. that Ilurnct " completely the Prince of Omngc from the imputation ol »iapticity " iu tho murder of tho De Witts. I do not find anjr mention of this iu the accounts printed white thft' matter was fresh. He was nul to the ** question ordinaire " on the 20tb of Au- gust; what that was I cannot aecortuin, but oai4 the '22nd ho was at ilinnur when the mob broke i Ot and able to walk down the prison sluiis. One is called : •' 7'rartatus ampliasimua de Turturdy tltivr den adben audicur (Jau J sijeade ten mn^lei vn punt Johan Grmviut Armit\iani$che rredikuntf C Atniierf/am om htl roaphvi* f U- tende imtircnt die nu Ueria gttehreven heft.'* " Vervatiende eene hevligsanie niaxime om Priaccn'- Klonrders, ols sijn Brocr fcreel U, wd op dc pijn-banch (• leggcn, en de cyiterue bandt om 't hif to doen, eu dan ' struiigeiijk tc prjiiigcii ni*-t twee lioutcheui tusschen twe«j vingcrs, oftc ei'U sdieen houten tc udhlberen, golijck man' nocu dasgdiiks de kindcrcu nialkander sicldoon: cnda^ scbrijkelijk f«yt dan nocli nict bekennende m nie C wil- leadc klappen, den sslven wcd«mm terstont los tc latea,, dat men ook bij 8ijn« Recbtcrs vuor ecu torture kan doea Talideren ; trounxus men sonde de man seer gedaeu b«bb«a \ en ilftt was r.rimen la-sie niajc Btatis gewocst, — P. This pasquinade is not an authority for tbd fact, but the rumour. l ; gnu met txvr bcbloede «nueii Mit intcow RDil, dit'Tlosch «al swellen in uw kropt Kn ilit gcdonnte werd nocb om aw Itals een strop.*' Page 9. 47.) to hava n copy of the edition of 1772 " bonnd in vellum." It suits Mft. By the Agencies of ■moke and damp, old documenta frequently become brown, acquiring varioim touus of utnber or aepia, from which the ink differs bnt very little in colour or tone; but yet Ibis diffisranoe. … continue reading »

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While the first it was the latter’s mercurial cast members, wild story lines, and over-the-top drama that made the franchise into the juggernaut it is today.… continue reading »

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