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As part of the 2014 telethon, Mc Call and Carr also hosted a companion series Stars at Your Service.

In April 2013, Mc Call presented one series of Five Minutes to a Fortune.

On her return to London she worked on the nightclub scene as a hostess.

Work in this period also included an appearance as a dancer in the video for the 1991 Kylie Minogue single "Word Is Out", wearing a striped sweater and beret in a nod to her French ancestry.

Mc Call also hosted the celebrity version Celebrity Big Brother, the first series of which ran for eight days in March 2001.

Mc Call's performance on the final night of the sixth series in 2005 attracted press attention and some complaints for her treatment of housemate Makosi Musambasi.

Her mother Florence—whom Mc Call has described as something of a "wild child" and later, specifically as "an alcoholic"—returned to Paris, and Mc Call saw her only when on holidays.With audience figures falling, Channel 4 decided that the eleventh series in Summer 2010 would be the last Big Brother broadcast on their channel, although the show's future was in the hands of the rights holder Endemol.

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