Speed dating for over 50

01-Sep-2020 00:11

These evenings are hosted by our friendly Dateinadash team, who between them, have lots of experience in organizing and hosting such events.

So, no matter what your goal is, be it friendship, a bit of playful flirting or a romantic long term relationship, you will hopefully find your perfect match here at Dateinadash.

The speed dating night will bring 20 men and 20 women together to gauge their compatibility.

Ms Wilson described it as is a social gathering "for people who are time-poor, or shy, or who don't go to pubs and clubs".

"It doesn't just have to be to meet a guy." To express interest in attending the over-50s speed dating night call Karen Wilson on 0488415799 or email [email protected]

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"I have just turned 60 and it has been a few years since my husband passed away.

IF you are single, over 50 and looking to meet someone then an upcoming speed dating night could be the answer to your prayers.

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