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10-Dec-2020 03:56

That's not to say that you have to delve into an existential take on the meaning of life or anything, but there are definitely some nice ways you can avoid that small talk and walk away from that conversation feeling a little more fulfilled.

If they're asking you how your weekend was, the quickest way to turn small talk into a real conversation is to go beyond the boring, "it was good." Why was it good? So maybe you didn't run a marathon or get your hotline bling on with backstage passes to Drake's show.

Sharing that extra detail about your life helps make any conversation less awkward and boring, according to Lifehacker's guide to tackling small talk. And when you do, actually listen to what they say and try to find something more you can either ask about or to which you can relate.

Any amount of detail you add (without over-sharing, obviously) will just give the whole interaction a more personalized, human element that strays from the sins of empty small talk. Otherwise, you run the risk of giving this convo the shelf life of about a minute and thirty seconds.

After you've used up the "how are you" or "so what do you do" questions, and given your own generic answers, the conversation comes to a painful lull.

Type "small talk" into your search bar and one of the first definitions that comes up is something along the lines of: polite conversation about unimportant or uncontroversial matters, especially as engaged in on social occasions, according to the Oxford Dictionary.

Well, that sounds like a pretty awful waste of time if you ask me.

Debra Fine, lecturer and author of suggested to Real Simple to use the phrase "I need," such as needing to get food, use the restroom, or meet someone. Build on the conversation by either asking the person a question or telling them something about yourself.No disrespect to the wonderful study of meteorology, but I don't usually care to talk about the weather.Because as pointed out on Lifehack, most people prefer to talk about themselves rather than hear about you. Maybe you've just found your ultimate biking buddy for those weekend rides.

Like any well-seasoned military general, when navigating the field of social graces and witty banter, you must go in prepared so as not to be struck down by the awkward lull of a conversation.

Of course, you should remain polite if that's how you feel most comfortable, but the second you start thinking of this person as someone you're friendly with, it'll become easier to get a little more comfortable with being more open.

Anytime a girl has an obvious travel photo, it's an easy opener: "looks like you've done some traveling, where are you going next" "what places are on your 2014 travel bucket list" If you recognize the city (NYC can be super obvious) "I was just in NYC, had a blast, how did you like it" etc. I word it like this: "hmmm, you kinda look like you could be trouble" or if she looks super slutty I'll be more direct: "yup, you're definitely trouble" There's no script that will get amazing results from every type of girl for every man. The message that you write for a party skank is different from an artsy girl is different from a corporate drone, etc.… continue reading »

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