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12-Feb-2021 10:03

26 y/o Asian here looking for hairy guys, muscle dads or jocks to have some cam fun. I'm only into pure jerking off, dirty talks and moaning. I'm also a bottom and I could do fingering but not much. You make my inner slut come out whenever I think of you. I want to peel out of my panties all the faster now. Traffic was horrible on the way home and I had to make a phone call. “What’s wrong baby, talk to me.” You answer back quickly, but before I have a chance to respond, you’re typing again. Moaning with each one, thinking of your large hands smacking my ass instead of me. Now lie flat on your back and fuck that pussy for me. ” You growl out the last word with almost an angry lustful tone. I lie on my back, spreading my legs wide, just like a good little slut. I start to finger fuck myself deeply, moaning and writhing under the touch of myself. I want to crawl through the screen and do dirty things to you. To feel you pin me down on my bed, engulf your mouth around one nipple and suck hard! It is not helping, thinking like this, watching the stupid cursor blinking at me. I just know I woke up this morning feeling the need to be fucked like a ragdoll, and that is exactly what I need and want from you. I let out a long moan, a slight giggle bubbling over and the excitement I have felt suddenly intensifies tenfold. That is until I finally see Skype showing you are typing. I’m a little troubled, if I’m to be honest.” I hit send, with a smile. I turn to give you a view to my right side and do the same thing, giving the same results. I hit answer and again, before I have a chance to say anything, you ask me what is wrong. Your deep growling moans drive me to the point of orgasm. I’ve kept just my panties on, toying with myself just a little. Pulling, twisting, pinching, keeping them hard and sensitive. It lasted much longer than I wanted it to, but I’m here now. ” I blush deeply, loving when you call me your special girl. “One second, don’t move.” Within a half a second, Skype is ringing and your call takes over my screen. You start to jerk off to the same pace as me fucking myself, moaning with me. My tender ass is wriggling against the silken sheets. I focus only on them and start to convulse into a hard orgasm.

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Slowly stroking ourselves still, we come down from our high.

I hear you sigh, but not out of anger, but just utter confusion. With that, the circling begins and I see your image pop up. I can feel your whines and gasps against my lips as I kiss you deeper.

My cock at the cleft of your pussy, grinding slowly, teasing you, until you can’t take it anymore.

I’m groping my breasts, slowly grinding against the bed.

I watch your hand causally stroke your cock, watching it grow soft. I watch the circling movement of the frame until my cam suddenly pops up. From the angle it is in, you can’t see I’m nearly naked. “Let me see you, please, my love,” I whisper softly. Your strong jawline, your almost squared chin, the way your dark hair drops around your eyes. Your chest is clearly defined, muscles that last all day long exposed to me. Normally when I masturbate, I close my eyes, to let the images fill my mind easier, but not with you.

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