Skype cam sex name list 5 stages of online dating

17-Feb-2021 03:51

They’re not fast, outdated technology, design looks crappy, even if they have decent designs – you’re limited to choose from 5 to 10 pre-loaded templates and most of the times when you hit the traffic – it doesn’t work.

Apparently, at the first glance these FREE sites look like a OK deal by providing with free domain, hosting the website, crappy design, product catalog, shipping etc.

The other type of white label sites – I’ve seen them pricing between 5 per month and initial cost of 00 to startup.

A rough estimate for a year, you will be spending around 00 in technology.

Most of the ones which is out there is built on some crappy platform.

I couldn’t find anything solid, scalable, powerful with complete backend management for the business owner.

Let’s shoot an average of 3% per day – which roughly estimates per sale. After deductions on marketing & other expenses – you can easily make a profit of 0 per day.

One thing I learned the hard way is, that provides you a white labeled adult toy store – to be honest I don’t want to be running an affiliate site – they look like shit.

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If you go with these FREE white label sites – you cannot pivot your business if you see a light at the end of the tunnel.You’re stuck with them and all your marketing expenses will be wasted ( only useful at the current month and not for a longer run ), time spend on the marketing will go into drain.

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