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11-Feb-2020 15:11

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If you want to date to find someone to settle down with - I would not say it is impossible but don't give high expectation.

I believe typically men in NYC don't want to settle down until into their 30s when they have established a position in their career.

Addressing one of the men profiled, Kathryn Smith from Atlanta, who described herself as “a single 30 year old woman in finance who studied English,” wrote: “I’ve dated older before, and had a really great time with someone more mature who didn’t incessantly play video games and get blackout drunk.

Finding great, available single women in the US can be difficult.

I'm in mid-20s and have been on several dates since moved to NYC. The city attracts world's top talents and smartest brains.

You would meet lots of bright Ivy graduates who are aspiring and very focused on their career. After one or two dates, if you don't click then move on.

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Men who are good and loving and aren’t out of work or morbidly obese and who truly want a loving permanent relationship are usually in wonderful new relationships within eight months, and frequently within four.”Plenty of other readers, however, both straight and gay, sympathized with the men’s stories.“Spot on,” Jim Neal of Chapel Hill, N. “The older I get the more cynical I feel, especially as other gay men are celebrating gay marriage — something I fought for but may never experience. ) profiles that said, ‘I like tall guys’ or ‘be taller than me in heels.’”In “real life,” he wrote, “plenty of women are less concerned with height, but online, women are seeking Thor.”MVN, also a New Yorker, cheered: “Bravo to these brave men who dare to show vulnerability and desire for more within their a middle age woman with teenagers still living at home, I see many men sabotage relationships before they even begin.On dating sites, I am mainly contacted by men at least 10 years older than me …Our fun social events include happy hours, dinners, trips to museums, movie nights, themed parties, professional social mixers, BBQs, clubbing, picnics, boat cruises, speed dating, concerts, and many more fun activities to bring all singles together.

Come join us for some fun time, and get to know us!So if you’re still single, maybe on a very deep level that’s exactly where you want to be.”Indeed, hundreds of readers, some with long experience in the dating trenches, questioned if the men profiled had realistic expectations.“I lived in NYC from when I was 18 to 32,” Heather R. “I am 46 years old now and am shaking my head in dismay at the older guys that were interviewed here because I know very well that they are of the same age group that would drop someone like a hot rock for any excuse back in the day (one guy who had spoken of marriage changed his mind because he didn’t like the eyeliner that I wore one night), just because there were so many options out there.”She added: “I finally had to move to another country (France) and my sister to another state (Michigan) to find a good man.

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