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14-Sep-2020 15:27

Through our website, you can watch countless girls and couples from all over the world doing any sex act imaginable live on web cam for your viewing pleasure.These girls would love to make your fantasies come true, and best of all, we offer all of this to you completely free of charge.We couldn't be happier to offer all of this to your 100% free of charge.The only way you'll ever spend a single penny on our website would be if you voluntarily decide to tip your performer. You don't even need to do anything to start viewing and enjoying our cams!You needn't worry about us ever asking you for a single penny.While we by no means are trying to downplay what a colossal innovation they were, if you're like us, you've probably grown a bit tired of the tube sites as of late.But, he says, Cam Soda users definitely want to try this sort of experience, and it can be as cheap as just the price of the male masturbator.“We know there is an audience because we hear it from our users and models.

Whatever happens to the vibrator sensation-wise is sent to the masturbator as “pressure data,” supposedly mimicking the feel of intercourse.It’s the combination of all these elements, claims Cam Soda VP Daryn Parker in a press statement, that leads to the “ultimate sensory experience, one that mimics real-life interaction.” Well, perhaps.It’s doubtful for a start how many people will actually go for the full VIRP experience, considering that the sex doll-maker Cam Soda has partnered with, Real Doll, sells its wares for thousands of dollars.Users will also need to own the only supported male masturbator (the Love Sense Max) and a VR headset (although even a cheap device like Google Cardboard will do the trick).

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over email, Parker admits that the sex dolls and VR are optional and that only “approximately” 30 percent of the company’s 300-odd webcam models have the required Wi-Fi enabled vibrator.

While we have countless ladies and couples broadcasting live on our website, it's by no means all we have to offer.