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16-Jan-2021 16:13

In a series of post-firing tweets, Barr told people not to defend her and claimed she was 'ambien tweeting' when she fired off the comments about Jarrett.

It came after co-stars John Goodman and Sara Gilbert both stepped out looking less than thrilled after learning they had lost their jobs following Barr's earlier Twitter rant.

Vicky and Steven Huddleston (pictured top) took out critical illness insurance to cover their mortgage in the event that one of them became ill.

The couple have three children, Amelia, 15, Jude, 12, and Lena, ten, (bottom image) and wanted to be sure they would be able to pay their bills should either of them suddenly be unable to work.

Wearing a black suit with white shirt, Page called his home an 'irreplaceable treasure', and said: 'My name is Jimmy Page, but that is not important.

I am here to plead that you take all necessary measures to protect the Tower House from the threat of harm it faces from the work proposed.' His intervention led to the decision over granting planning permission to Robbie, who was not at the hearing, to be deferred - a partial victory for the rock star.

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Shirley Parson, pictured, had a busy legal practice in Devon in 2002 when she suffered a haemorrhagic stroke which has paralysed her from the neck down and robbed her of her capacity to speak.

The star, 74, said vibrations caused from the digging would irreversibly damage his home and its 'richly decorated' interior, which contains historic paintings, decorations and frescoes.