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Meanwhile, @Liz Jones Somalia asked for donations towards the DEC East Africa appeal, raising about £30,000 from his/her followers in a few days.

It's possible that Jones's quest for attention at any cost came of being the youngest of seven children.

When she writes something controversial, it resonates through medialand.

Last year, she claimed to have begun a relationship with an anonymous "rock star".

She's done a lot for women with eating disorders, because she puts them on the front page of the Daily Mail [which she joined in 2006] and tells them there's nothing to be ashamed about."Jones is, she claims, banned from attending many fashion shows, which may explain why she turned her hand to confessional journalism, a modern discipline that is often criticised and, more often than not, practised by women.

(There are notable exceptions: in the 1990s, William Leith wrote a scabrously self-analytical column for The Independent on Sunday; John Diamond narrated his own slow death from throat cancer in The Times; Tim Dowling's family members are the co-stars of his Saturday Guardian column.)What sets Jones apart from other female columnists, however, is her merciless introspection.

Though she joined Twitter herself only last month, its users' dissemination of her work has given her a reach and impact far beyond that of her confessional predecessors.

"She's the only one who, on a regular basis, calls out the fashion industry on its appalling abuses: on the way its advertising affects anorexia in young girls, on its use of cheap labour.

Most of the British fashion press just sits in the front row clapping skirts...

Not long before that, she retraced the final steps of murder victim Joanna Yeates, and expressed a wish that Yeates could have spent her last hours "somewhere lovelier" than the Bristol Ram bar.

One esteemed media commentator declared the piece "fatuous". In July, she ranted about the NHS because the nurse at her local GP surgery was too busy to give her the jabs for a trip to Africa at 24 hours' notice.Robert Plant, frontman of the legendary band Led Zepplin, admitted he regrets staying on tour throughout the 1970’s because he feels his daughter grew up without knowing who he was.