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• A contradicting aspect of Mexican masculinity is “caballerismo,” which is that of the gentlemanly family man.• Mexican men finished second in a 2000 study of the most vain men in the world, behind Venezuela.

• "Hottest" male celebrities: Rodrigo Santoro, Bruno Gagliasso, Cauã Reymond• Brazil is considered one of the most diverse societies in the world.

• A study from San Francisco State University found that where women struggle with media pressure to be thin, men face media pressure to be muscular.• An American ideal male body type has a broad upper body, including shoulders, biceps, and pectoral muscles.

“V-shaped” seems to be a key term.• In recent years, the bearded, plaid-shirt-wearing look has become so popular among American (read: white) men that they have earned the nickname “lumbersexual.”• According to the 2015 Hollywood Diversity Report, 83.3% of all lead actors in films released in 2013 were white.• Since People magazine began naming an annual Sexiest Man Alive, only one nonwhite man has won the title: Denzel Washington, in 1996.• The U. and Canada account for 9% of the global men's skin care industry.• According to market data firm Euromonitor International, American spending on men’s grooming products has increased from .4 billion in 1997 to .8 billion in 2009.• According to market research firm Mintel, the U. market for men’s personal care products earned .1 billion in 2014.

It must be stated that this is nothing new to gay and bisexual men who, when compared to their straight counterparts, have historically reported higher percentages of eating disorders and generally experience more cultural and sexual pressure to come to terms with their body image, whether it be issues of weight, racial objectification and preference, or masculinity.

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White people made up 8.9% of the population.• Much of representation in media is directly related to who holds the power.In the simplest of conclusions, men, at least to the general public, are starting to care more about how they look and how that affects their perception of self, and it inspires a vast array of controversial discussions.This video and its accompanying study aim to put contemporary "ideal" male specimens under scrutiny, front and center, as physical representations of a massive survey, both theoretical and empirical in nature.The average annual income for a white household was about 365,000 rand, while the average annual income for a black household was just 60,600 rand.• Over 77% of Men’s Health South Africa and GQ South Africa covers in 2014 featured white models.• A preliminary Google Image search of "hot South African men" primarily features white South African celebrities.

On IMDb's STARmeter for the most popular South African entertainers, the top 14 are white.• A 2011 study from the University of St.• Western Europe comprises of 21% of men's skin care sales worldwide.

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