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The Signal key is identified by a manufacturer stamping at the rear of the key base between the connection terminals.

Bunnell, before WWII, was the largest supplier of telegraphic equipment.

There were various owners after Jesse Bunnell's death but the company did continue on with other owners.

Bunnell was sold to INSO Electronic Products in 1960 and then to it's current owners, MNJ Industries, in 1989.

The name was changed to Signal Electric Manufacturing Company and they remained in business until the 1960s when they were purchased by a Thermos company. These were available with different size contacts depending on the intended service.

The hand key shown below to the left is a Signal Electric Mfg. This key has 3/8" contacts for medium duty spark gap transmitter applications.The J-47 is typically found without the shorting lever installed even though the stationary part of the switch is present.