Predating test

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Carbon and nitrogen stable isotope analyses have recently been applied to determine the rates at which various prey sources are consumed [10].

However, the rate of consumption does not always reflect prey preference, because it could depend on prey abundance in natural habitats.

The muricid snail Reishia clavigera (Küster, 1860) is a carnivorous predator in the intertidal rocky shores throughout temperate and tropical regions of the Western Pacific, including Japan.

Species belonging to Muricidae have varied diets (including barnacles, limpets, and bivalves) with each species having specific prey preferences [4].

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In such cases, nonselective predation leads to the collapse of prey populations.The first was a predation experiment, conducted with dead prey instead of live prey.The second was a prey choice test using a few preys.In such cases, predation indirectly facilitates species that are inferior competitors.

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Thus, prey preference can be an important determinant of community structures in many aquatic ecosystems.

To evaluate the composition of prey species at each site, we conducted observations in May and June 2013. We used 10 perforated plastic cups (height, 4 cm; diameter, 8 cm) for the experiment.