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07-May-2020 07:32

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But, how many divorced parents do you think are able to come to a compromise on parenting or anything else?Very few divorced parents get along well enough to engage in a productive manner about anything. Communicate face-to-face or via email and a compromise on parenting styles.Mom leaves town without informing Dad of where they are going or, staying.She turns her cell phone off to keep Dad from being able to get in touch with the children. “He is a control freak and I’m not going to let him control me any longer.” Two wrongs don’t make a right!

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I know mothers who want a schedule of every move their child will make when in Dad’s custody.Divorce ends that and parents are free to parent based on their beliefs alone without the input of the other parent. The marriage may be over, your ex may longer be important to you but, the need to parent together will never end.And very few things are harder than having to parent with someone you’ve separated your life from. When in his home the kids go to bed at midnight, take a shower every other day and homework is constantly lost because there is no organization. Mom pulls her hair out trying to maintain a healthy routine for the kids.Married couples have a tendency to follow each other’s lead when it comes to parenting.

When the marriage and the relationship with the other parent are still important, people are more flexible and willing to compromise.If you can’t wrap your brain around the concept that children are not weapons, their Dad has the option of using the court system to put a stop to your antics.