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14-Jul-2020 16:55

Domestic violence is often aggravated by the assailant’s inability to adhere to certain guidelines including non-compliance with court orders.

Furthermore, cases of domestic violence are often complicated by one or more of the following – impulse control, anger management, obsession, substance abuse and a disregard for both rules and authority.

It does so without the need for approval of the other parent or even communicate about anything other than an emergency or other serious issues.

Parallel parenting minimizes contact and the limits are on issues that are necessary to discuss.

In physical and serious emotional abuse cases the children being alone and in the care of the abusing parent could be very harmful to the children’s best interest.

We spoke with psychotherapist and distinguished author, Donna F. We asked her if parallel parenting works in cases of domestic violence or child abuse. Ferber told us: In order for parallel parenting to be successful, it requires adherence to fairly strict guidelines including no personal contact between the parties.

Parallel parenting is a term used more and more in California divorce and child custody cases.

We will discuss how it may work in a child custody case as well special challenges. It allows the parents to detach from each other and not engage in frequent discussions about day-to-day issues.

Such parenting coordinators or special masters receive duties and privileges to oversee the parenting and help resolve conflicts..

They are not doing a forensic psychological examination of the parents and are not making custodial recommendations to the court within that context.

A parallel parenting plan and custody order should specifically state: Think about it logically for a moment – if the parents are not required to constantly communicate with each other and co-parent, they will stop getting on each other’s nerves.

They will have some peace from each other while they continue to raise their children in a conflict-free environment. Ferber her opinion of whether parallel parenting can lead to co-parenting in situations when parents just need a cooling off period post-divorce. It is always easier to relax the rules than tighten them.

The latter leaves very little room for effective communication and co-parenting – enter the parallel parenting plan.

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