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23-May-2020 22:01

When Server type netdiag it does not recognise it not a command. I have experimented with dns settings using a short DHCP lease time of 5 minutes. But if I server the computer within dns 5 minutes, it certainly wont delete the record when the lease is deleted at the windows of the 5 minutes.I have a feeling that your issue is either with your DNS setup, or your replication.Now regarding replmon, the one thing i would check in your case is to make sure that the replication is happening, windows can check on the right pane, to make sure that the last successful replication happened within a reasonable time.Again, dhcp, kicking your netlogon service on the DCs sometimes fixes any replication issues.

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Following is the piece that deals with the facts about scavenging: In a nutshell, scavenging processes and DHCP lease time are directly interdependent.If not setup on the DNS server level, then each zone needs to be configured individually for the scavenging of stale records.