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10-May-2020 16:25

Perhaps the most unexpected thing was the average age.

Sure there were some thirty somethings, but most must have been in their fifties and some a good deal older but the atmosphere oozed sex and it was obvious what everyone was here for: sex, good, raunchy, animal, sex.

She was a big lass, such as he could see from her back, hefty and with broad shoulders but was clearly and erotically enjoying a really slow and leisurely shag.

He had no recollection of watching two people fucking before, except for porn films, but porn stars were doing it for money and it wasn't real.

He sat openly on his towel while he toyed with his semi erect cock. This area was curtained off to prevent the light from outside reflecting off the glass partition and spoiling the view. Were they fucking or did he have his tongue buried deep in her pussy. It was Impossible to tell but that was all part of the excitement. He also knew, from the closed door, that they didn't want to be watched, which made listening all the more exciting.

His eyes adjusted slowly but apart from one couple enjoying the delights of cunnilingus there was not much to see. Then the noises got louder and gave way to the unmistakable sounds of a couple fucking.

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As he passed one closed door the unmistakable sounds of raw sex were clearly audible. Another first: listening to people having sex only two feet away: brilliant.

She was getting more and more vocal, as the pace quickened, and his hand slid involuntarily under his towel allowing him to gently stroke his nearly erect cock, the slippery evidence of his excitement already moistening its head.