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The bodies of 9 persons who were killed during the operations on 10 March 2016 in İdil were reportedly taken to Şanlıurfa State Hospital.

2 of the persons were identified as Hacı Karakaş and Ramazan Gümüş (14).

Been using it for a while and I've scored with a few of the birds on this site but prob still prefer hookuphangout if u compare them pound for pound. Not their fault but IMO there are simply not enough women here that are after after casual hook ups. IMO if you really want to get laid faster try several sites at the same time such as Casual Dating4u and AFF. Second, a small portion of adult daters are real...

If you got a bit of cash in ur pocket tho, might as well do both, innit! Nicley designed, good search options, list goes on. Third, telemarketers are on the payroll and play the roles of both M and FM Daters to keep the money rolling in! ; As is typical of straight sex sites this one way overcharges and way underdelivers. I have been using BN couple years ago and although I admit that there are other sites which I prefer over BN (Casual Dating4u, AFF, and a few smaller sites) I still believe it is one of the top casual dating sites. You know, because they answer in the same way and you've been on the site for 5 minutes and you already have 10 messages of «girls» saying they want you. When you do, they will try to offer you membership in other sites like

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They sign you up for sister websites that charge you money as well. The girl is holding her vigina open but she wants to get to know you better before meeting you... so Im just having problems rn with the fact I'm getting rip off with my money and I'm trying to fix it but now one of the dudes from the website saying if I don't sign up for it they will fine me 0 for not corresponding with them.

It does take a bloody age to get sumthing set up but its worth it obvs! I am on a few oyher sites and its a mix probably with any kind of " naughty" site but that is just fake and wouldnt stop billing my card even aftet I requested them to stop after the first three days I actually had to cancel the card and gat a new one Hey guys I sign up for the that benaughty and when I did met girls who gave me there phone number.

I would say got me laid faster but its good to know im not a one trick pony n managed to set up some fun here as well. So after we started talking so we want to hook up but she kept sending me links that every time I had to say is free they can ask him for a credit card or my debit card number and she told me they wouldn't charge me but it did and now it charge me twice on the same day.

On 13 March 2016, one of the 9 bodies in Kızıltepe State Hospital was reportedly identified as Harun Dündar (18). The night-curfew in in Cizre district of Şırnak reached its 12 day as of 14 March 2016.

According to the news appeared in the press on 13 March 2016, the bodies of 13 unidentified persons were buried.Just because you didn't uncheck a box on the sign up page that you won't even notice. It took me about 7 stressful phone calls and having to go to my bank and put stop payment on company. How can I get myself out of this mess Unfortunately, it sound like you have gotten yourself into a type of fraud ring.

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