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01-Aug-2020 12:25

After some testing and analysis of the vulnerability, the Bitcoin ABC development team crafted a patch for the issue immediately.

“Bitcoin ABC 0.17.1 fixes this problem,” explains the ABC teams incident report and the new software was forwarded to verified BCH miners.

A single law will also do away with the current fragmentation and costly administrative burdens”.

So lets make an opportunity out of this legal framework. Step 1 is to audit the organisation core activities toward data protection requirements and compliance.

Reports detail that an attacker could construct a malicious transaction that would be accepted by Bitcoin-ABC 0.17.0 miners.

However, the block would be rejected by the rest of the compatible versions of Bitcoin Cash-compatible mining applications like the Bitcoin Unlimited client.“BUCash and versions of Bitcoin-ABC prior to 0.17.0 could be split from the majority Bitcoin Cash blockchain — Only Bitcoin ABC and BUCash nodes were included in the analysis of this vulnerability,” the development team details.

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Especially with inter-department collaboration often requiring additional input.

On April 26, 2018, the Bitcoin ABC development team were notified of a critical issue that applies to Bitcoin Cash miners who were utilizing the Bitcoin-ABC 0.17.0 client.