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Her shoes will be Wood, leather, high heel, low heel, sandals, wooden. Let them call as they will, It’s Albert Mooney she loves still. I gave mom back the nickel, I gave dad back the dime, I traded back the boyfriend, Instead got frankenstien!

Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief, Doctor, lawyer, Indian Chief. When she gets a lad of her own, She won’t turn around when she comes home. Upward, downward, All along the line, Brightly preened and looking fine! My mom gave me a nickel, my dad gave me a dime, my sis gave me her boyfriend, who hit me all the time!

’ (the child should do each of the commands while skipping * ( the “splits” is more like making a V) Spanish dancer, do the split. You’ve got the hip (put hand on hip) The “O” (put arms up in the air in the shape of an O) The “Pot” (put arms in front of you — still in the O shape — imagine you’re hugging a big pot in front of you) The “Toe” (lift one of your legs up and touch your toe with your hand) And the “Miss”! In comes the teacher, (repeat until 2nd person jumps into rope) out goes the gum! – Thu Mar 17 2005 imma little six grader as pretty as can be be my boyfriend name is bow wow he lives in ohio and this is how my story goes one day I was walking I saw my boyfriend talking to the ugliest girl in the whole wide world and this is how my story goes k-i-s-s kiss you l-o-v-e love you m-i-s-s miss you and this is how my story goes a b c d so keep yo hands away from me. – Thu Mar 24 2005 Two little bluebirds sittin’ on a wall (two kids skipping) one named Peter, the other named Paul (each quickly raise their hand) fly away Peter, fly away Paul (each jump out) don’t come back until your birthday’s called January, February…..(each returns on their birthday month) – Wed Apr 06 2005 1 just have sum fun.. miss suzie was a teenager miss suzie was a teenager and she went like this wa wa suck my thumb give me a piece of bubble gum.suzie was a adult adult miss suzie was an adult and went like this-wa was suck my thumb give me a piece of bubble gum.. – Wed May 11 2005 All in together girls, just like the wether girls, when your birthday come you must jump out.

(stop the skipping rope by jumping over it, one leg on each side, when it’s on the ground) (the child should do each of the commands while skipping (er, the “splits” is more like making a V with your legs unless you’re really talented) I’m a little Dutch girl Dressed in blue. (Player runs out at too) Mabel, Mabel, set the table, Just as fast as you are able. (repeat until 1st person jumps out of rope) (start song over again until both jumpers mess up, then switch jumpers) – Sat Mar 12 2005 High, low, jolly, slow, salt, sugar, mustard, pepper – Mon Mar 14 2005 You should put this song in: Judge, judge, call a judge (name) is Having a baby. – Mon Mar 21 2005 d for double dutch i for irish s fir singels h for hoppers dish – Thu Mar 24 2005 Cinderella dressed in yellow went upstairs to kiss her fellow On the way her bladder busted hom many people were disgusted. miss suzie was an old lady old lady miss suzie was an old lady and went like this wa was suck my thumb give me a peice of buddble gum.. – Thu May 19 2005 How I learned woodchuck: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

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Brown, She gave me a nickel To buy a pickle, The pickle was sour, So I bought a flower. – Fri Jun 03 2005 In the Land of Oz, where the ladies smoke cigars, every puff they take, is enough to kill a snake, when the snakes are dead, they put roses in their heads, when the roses die, they put diamonds in their eyes, when the diamonds break, it is 1988!!Here are the things I like to do: Salute to the captain, Bow to the queen, Turn by back On the submarine. Don’t forget the salt, sugar, vinegar, mustard, red-hot pepper! Mabel, Mabel, set the table, And don’t forget the Red Hot Peppers! miss suzie was an angel angel miss suzie was an angel and went like this wa wa suck my thumb give me a peice of bubble gum. A woodchuck would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.I can do the tap dance, I can do the split, I can do the holka polka Just like this. ((repeat all that like the miss suzie was a _______ w/e (go from baby, toddle, child, teen, adult, old lady, and than an angel.(It’s kindof weird.) – Fri May 06 2005 ICE CREAM ICE CREAM CERRY ON TOP HOW MANY BOY FRIENDS DO YOU GOT 1,2,3 EXC. – Sat May 21 2005 MAILMAIL MAILMAIL DO YOUR DUTY, HERE COMES THE LADY WITH THE AFRICAN BOOTY, SHE CAN DO THE POMPOM SHE CAN DO THE TWIST, BUT MOST OF ALL SHE CAN KISS KISS KISS, K I S S K I S S…(YOU CAN REPLACE TWIST WITH SPLITS) – Mon May 30 2005 cinderella dressed in yellow went upstairs to kiss the fellow made a mistake and kissed a snake how many doctors did it take? – Tue Mar 08 2005 this game needs 4 ppl to play, 2 to turn the rope and 2 to take turns jumping: Sitting ing the classroom chewing bubble gum! Bra, bikini, underwear, nothing, bra, bikiny ,underwear, nothing…continue until messes up – Sat Apr 16 2005 little sally walker walking down the street she didnt know what to do so she stoped in front of me and she said hey girl do ya thang do ya thang and switch – Tue Apr 19 2005 123 up the ladder 456 up the ladder 789 up the ladder10 up the lader 12 up the ladder…… 1,2,3,4…….(keep going till they make a mistake) – Fri May 06 2005 Miss Suzie was a baby baby miss suzie was a baby nd she went like this wa wa suck my thumb give me a peice of bubble gum..

Suki take it off again ,, Suki take it off again ,, Suki take it off again they,ve all gone away . (Do the actions as it tells you) – Wed Apr 13 2005 Down at the bank of the hanky panky where the bull frogs jump from bank to bank singing A-E-I-O-U skittle diddle cure plunk – Thu Apr 14 2005 Fudge, Fudge, Call a judge ____(A girls name) Is having a baby and ____(Insert Boys name) going Crazy how many babies will they have will they have 1,2,3…count until the person messes up – Sat Apr 16 2005 Going to the beach whatcha going to wear? First person to fall loses.) – Wed Apr 27 2005 kitty cats kitty cats chaseing mice kitty cats kitty cats just to be nice how many mice did they catch?

By mistake she kissed a snake, How many doctors did it take? – Tue Aug 12 2003 Mailman, mailman, do your duty, here comes miss american beauty.

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