Marisa tomei dating

03-Feb-2021 19:28

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We all know that this 51-year-old American actress was once engaged to Logan Marshall but she broke her engagement and currently, she is dating Josh Radnor. Marisa and Logan met while working on a New York theater project. But, their relationship was not stable as it frequently went on and off.

In 2009, Marisa told Manhattan Magazine that she is not a big fan of marriage as an institution and she does not like the idea of having children just to be a complete human being.

There are also some rumors (although not concrete) that they could actually get married.

However, until she actually makes Josh her husband, we can only speculate.

But to get to the top, the 52-year-old star has made many sacrifices, including the decision to never get married.

In an exclusive new interview with , one of Marisa's close friends revealed the actress has never been focused on having a traditional family.

"Work has really been her life force." MORE: Who Is Ellen Pompeo Married To?

I don't really believe in being fanatical about anything.