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It influences our lives all over the world, whether intentionally or unintentionally.You can not ignore the influence of politics and the effects that political decision making has on citizens in every country in the world.We integrate and publish their works into Freedom Publishers Union.However, we must point out that these Journalists are not directly associated with any original publication or website owned by Freedom Publishers Union.Please ignore any other accounts that claim to be associated with us or claim to be "Official", as they are not.Virtual Offices To associate our publications through appropriate jurisdictions and locales which are most relevant to the information and documents being presented, we distribute through our controlled network of internally directed, national and international virtual offices which are used as publishing portals.The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, has shaken the traditional media landscape.

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Freedom Publishers Union Editorial Team is absolutely committed to ensuring our writing and publishing strictly adheres to our internal publication principles.

The first of the new offices is assigned to the Gold Coast QLD (Australia) and will serve as a portal for our editorial and administrative tasks.

Adblock Plus detection=0 | u Block Origin detection=0 Ghostery detection=0 | Privacy Badger detection=0 | Duck Duck Go Privacy Grade (B) 100% HTTPS Everywhere compatible Tested with Mozilla Firefox ✔ 🔒 ANNOUNCEMENTS PINBOARD May 14, 2018 GC Media Publishing Management has enabled two new virtual offices.

Website version bumped to 5.6, due to several code fixes being applied.

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