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23-Dec-2020 03:10

But when someone isn’t in that role anymore, there is no longer space for them in your life. That’s what you did when y’all were whatever y’all were. Now I’m not saying fuck them, I’m not saying don’t ever speak to them, I’m not saying kick them out of your life forever. You didn’t start messing with that person because you wanted them to be your friend.The problem stems from wanting that person to still be in our lives, even though it’s not in the capacity that they used to be. It means that when you see each other in public, you can be cordial. You can be at the same function without it being an issue. Being cool isn’t talking and texting on a consistent basis. But you can’t pretend that the relationship is something that it’s not, or something that it never was. And now you’re trying to fit them into a mold that doesn’t exist, just so you don’t have to let go.It is very rare that the users of sexwithnostrings aren't genuine, but we promote safety to all our singles and believe that being cautious before you meet and when you meet will always ensure that your no strings fling will go off without a hitch!Don't be scared to tell people you are going on a date - whether the date is no strings or not doesn't need to be mentioned!And even though part of who they are is your friend, it’s the whole of them that you have to decide to keep or let go. We want to let go cause the bad outweighs the good…what you’re getting isn’t enough to sustain the fact that you’re not getting what you want. And yea, not having them there in those moments you wish they were is really going to suck.But we still want the good…that’s part of what makes it so damn hard. But the longer you stay for the temporary happiness, the more unhappy you’ll be in the long term.

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If you really want to let go, here’s a reality you’ll have to face: you can’t be friends. From your friends to your family to your significant other, each person in your life is there for a reason; they fulfill a unique role and have a specific place. She’s there to hold you down…but no other friend in your life would do it the way she does.

Now please don’t misunderstand what I’m about to say; this is not about giving up.

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