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An additional 1.9 per cent experienced both types of incontinence.

Of the women studied about 15 per cent had a BMI (body mass index) of 26 or more – the healthy range is 18 to 25.

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Model Name: Lola Foxx Description: Lola Foxx is an exotic Latina with a flirty personality and a smoking hot bod.Being overweight is traditionally thought of as a risk factor for incontinence, but that wasn't the case in this study.For about half the women with incontinence, the condition was a significant problem, says study co-author Professor Susan Davis of Monash University."About 40 – 50% of the women who had incontinence weren't really bothered that much, but the other 50% reported being bothered at least somewhat through to very much," she explains."So it is affecting their lives and particularly in terms of social limitation and feeling that they want to do things less or feeling apprehensive about being incontinent in a social situation."So why do some women develop incontinence at a young age – and is there anything they can do to protect themselves?Well, experts suspect that some women have a predisposition to developing urinary incontinence, possibly due to certain characteristics they were born with – such as a weak pelvic floor.

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The pelvic floor muscles form a sling-like band at the base of the pelvis.

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