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If there was ever a chance for Roi to come to America and speak, we would love to have him!!! ...just bought Netafim drop system for our gardens and are always searching for israeli goods to buy here in Switzerland! We also pray for your soldiers, the most friendly army in the whole world!!!His dynamicpresentation would be a tremendous chizuk to our entire yeshiva and community. I am proud to be a Jew,but I do not endorse such blatant propaganda. The Israeli army and the govt treats the Palestians like second class citizens. As those that have been oppressed for so long we must learn and make sure we do not become the oppressors .Not not the Jews, not the nation of Israel against which the foisting of libels, canards and slander to instigate worldwide anti-Semitism as is being done wherever islam reaches critical mass from universities to governments.The infiltration by converts to islam used as ballasts against America is the issue.

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Nuclear fission is a scientific fact; the fact that it is required to make atomic bombs is neither moral or amoral. One nation's army can certainly be more just than another nation's.

(36) Lynn W, August 30, 2015 PM B'H a powerful, spiritual and uplifting video. I am a Mexican Jew; however, I feel thankful and fortunate to have a Jewish home in Israel. It is a take on an earlier commercial that appeared years ago in Canada, called "I am Canadian" by Molson brewery.