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18-Apr-2020 20:48

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Do you see the buzz hovering in the air like a UFO above Area 51? If you have love for the DCG CON and what it represents, then the best way to show your support in lieu of its cancellation is to purchase some of this ultra-dope merch in need of a good home.

The 19th annual Gathering Of The Juggalos is coming! Plus the SICKENING Skin Suspension Show, The never before attemtped Big Money Hustlas Extravaganza!! From zippos to game mats to shirts, hoodies, and everything in between! Demo Jams Submissions being accepted for the Juggalo Show!!

Beam the incredibly unique sounds of the man Violent J caled "The Muh Fucking Jim Morrison Of Rap.. " directly to your phone, tablet, computer, Apple TV from ITUNES Gutter Water: You can bottle it, freeze it, drink it, or boil it and inhale the vapors and be instanly teleported inside the mind of Ouija Macc as he brings a whole new level of musical mastery to the HATCHET Tatchery Mother Facko!!!!! Here is your last chance to get the exclusive DCG merch that was available this year’s Con!

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He is a mastermind and a true homie: The Rudeboy who can be heard on Cave Radio Cruising The Barrio with DJ Carlito!! Who do you want to tickle your tonsils with a turkey leg???!!?!! And once the show starts we can read some comments from this post on the air. Tune in tonight and join the conversation about The Gathering Of The Juggalos. Cc @rudeboyluv cc @ogkevingill #Juggalo #Slamfest2018 #Insane Clown Posse #ICP #The Juggalo Show‪The homie #Straight Edge Juggalo had a bomb time seeing the #Slamfest2018 tour through the eyes of a G, a VIP, and a ninja who is drug free! Juggalos, Juggalettes, Scrubbalos, Scrubettes, Carnie Freaks, and Circus Geeks--Come One, Come All! Juggalo Family join us for this celebration of the Dark Carnival tradition--Saturday night only at DCG Con! #slamfest2018 with @attila_ga @cagewm @sylarny @lyte_official @liltoe @fuccouija Whoop whoop!

The crown jewel in the crown of the almighty Psychopathic TV is the worldwide Juggalo show.

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