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Buddhism arrived later in Japan, in the 6th and 7th centuries AD.

By the Heian Era (794-1192), Amida worship had gained some favor among the Japanese court, scholars, and monasteries.

Only in the Kamakura Era (1185-1333 AD) do we see the pronounced emergence of the Pure Land sects devoted to Amida.

) can be traced back to the Six Dynasties Period in China (317-589 AD).

The one now extant was built in 1595 and is connected to the Hokkedō 法華堂 (also Hokke Sanmaidō 法華三昧堂) by a 6-bay corridor, 12.58 meters long, that stretches between the two bays.

The latter hall enshrines a statue of the Historical Buddha and a copy of the Lotus Sutra (Jp.

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Together they are known as the Eight Schools of Early Buddhism in Japan.This was an all-encompassing concept of society’s rise and fall that originated much earlier in Indian Buddhism but came to prominence later in China and then Japan.It foretold of the world’s ultimate decay and the complete disappearance of Buddhist practice.Amida is also one of the Five Tathagata of Wisdom, and thus appears frequently in the mandala of Japan’s esoteric sects, where he reigns over the western quarter and is sometimes shown atop a peacock or goose.

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Famous examples of Amida art include Amida & Bosatsu on Clouds at Byōdō-in Temple (near Kyoto) and the Big Buddha statue (in Kamakura).

Also, numerous Jōdo Mandala & Jōdo Sanmandara depict Amida's paradise and the non-Tantric deities of Japan's Pure Land sects.