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12-Feb-2020 17:48

And if I don’t immediately respond to an email, I need you to give time to answer it rather than texting or coming by my desk.” If you wanted to, you could add, “I know your surgery was a tough thing to go through and I was glad I was able to help, but it’s important to me to keep my work relationships professional — more like how we were before that.” Realistically, this is likely to be an uncomfortable conversation, but I’d look at it as short-term awkwardness that will buy both of you longer-term peace (you because it will hopefully get this to stop, and her because she’ll be able to recalibrate her expectations with something more realistic).

It’s also possible that she’ll be chilly to you for a while, which is okay.

A female friend, lover or lifemate will be there through thick and thin.

These ladies are incredibly loyal, especially if that loyalty is reciprocated.

Same thing goes for texting during the day — I can’t really do it so don’t take it personally.” The idea is to re-set her expectations and give her a framework to understand what’s going on.

You’d then keep reinforcing it — so for example, if the dress thing happened after that, when she showed up at your desk, you’d say, “Oh, I’m really busy, can’t talk.” The more direct option would to say something like this: “Can I be honest with you about something? I enjoy occasionally going to happy hour, but for me it’s a once-every-couple-of-months thing, and I’m not up for going more often than that.

I’ve been distancing myself from her but she doesn’t seem to get the picture. You’ve got two choices here: You can be very direct, or you can come up with an excuse/cover story that should hopefully still get you the outcome you want.

Last week she emailed me to tell me she wanted to give me a dress that was too small for her. When I didn’t respond immediately, she came to my desk, interrupted what i was doing, and asked me if I wanted to see the dress. I’m a big proponent of being direct with people, but if you can get the outcome you want without hurting someone’s feelings, often that’s the better way to go.

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And during the day, I’m pretty swamped so if I seemed rushed, nothing is wrong — I’m just focused on work.Women who are educated, beautiful, talented, vibrant, exciting, earthy, open minded and loving.

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