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If the epilogue seems not to follow this pattern, that's because it was already finished before I was even half finished with this chapter, back when I was still having fun with this. First, you may notice that the quality was starting to slack around Ginny's birthday (August 11), that's because I was starting to get bored with this fic (blame my ADD), and wanted to get it finished with.

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Without Lucius to stifle her interests, she'd decided to pick her passion back up.

Second, I like the idea of a Harry who was incredibly naturally talented in a class he never took, and so missed his true calling.

For me, it's Runes, and I like to think of Runes in a similar manner to the art of fuinjutsu in Naruto.

Granted, the few times he did, it was pretty spectacular, but all in all, Snape was fairly accurate, if a little biased.888888Legacy O_O passage of days where pov doesn't change888888 passage of days where focus changes888 passage of less than a day888888August 1Tom stared down at the letter he'd just received from his former nemesis.

While he'd like to say that Harry was still his mortal enemy, he really couldn't anymore.He would have to see about rewarding those two servants, especially after they'd brought him this amazingly comfortable chair. Lay Z Boys were definitely the way to go in comfortable seating.