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29-Aug-2020 13:53

He also built a temple dedicated to Horemakhet in which the Sphinx is named as Horemakhet-Hauron (Hauron being the Syrian and Palestinian god of the underworld).The Sphinx fared better than most of the traditional gods during the Amarna Period, perhaps because of its strong solar connection.However, there are numerous debates about its meaning, its age and the name of the pharaoh that built it.There is no firm evidence that a cult of the Sphinx was active during the Old Kingdom.It has been proposed that the Sphinx, the Sphinx temple, the mortuary temple and the valley temple of Khafre were built at the same time and that their attribution to Khafre is erroneous.Referring to the Inventory Stela discovered by Mariette and the Dream Stele some have suggested that the Sphinx was in fact renovated during the Old Kingdom.

By the end of the 8th century, the sphinx reappeared in Greek art and was common down to the end of the 6th century.However, this view is unpopular amongst Egyptologists and some who once proposed it now reject the theory.