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14-Feb-2020 04:07

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And even a denial, with an audience that big, can be good for business.

The ad is sponsored by the conservative group Focus on the Family. Dominic Friesen, a spokesman for Man, sees no problem with the ad, which he says cost Man Crunch 0,000 to produce. It's not sensational." He says CBS made his company wait almost two weeks for a decision on airing the commercial, when other companies screening ads for the game received approvals or denials much quicker.However the site is actually owned by Avid Life Media, which reportedly makes around million a year in revenue, through owning and operating a string of other niche-market online dating sites including (for those looking to have affairs), (for women looking for younger men), (for “beautiful” ladies seeking wealthy guys), (for swingers) and Hotor (to rate and meet others). “I am genuinely confused by the 'is it real or not' and 'hoax' tag...this is a true gay dating service, a real commercial, and [we had] genuine intent to air it on the 2010 Super Bowl," Avid Life Media President Noel Biderman told Pop Tarts exclusively.Each year, millions of people tune in to the Super Bowl to cheer their favorite team.

But some people watch just for the commercials, and for them, the 2010 game should be pretty interesting.

"Our company truly believes that identifying itself as legitimate alternative to the current male same sex services out there, would have been accelerated by placing what we feel is a very funny ad, on the Super Bowl.” “Had the commercial aired on the Super Bowl we did anticipate certain conservative groups and journalists to want to discuss the 'appropriateness' of the ad and nature of the Man Crunch service, and that would have put Man Crunch in the center of the debate it was truly hoping to create (and not necessarily have the last word on)," he added.