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01-Jul-2020 07:30

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Let's start by saying not every free trial offer is created equally or rests on the same laurels.However, most of these skin care product scams proceed in a virtually identical way and follow the same format and structure (which ideally makes it easier for you and us to avoid).What else – plenty: — The websites feature very little information about the ingredients used in the skin cream and they don’t explain how the product works.— In other cases, the site may try to overwhelm you with scientific jargon to make you think the formula is more advanced than it is.The manufacturer will explain that they can’t just give away skin care products for free – they’re being such nice a nice manufacturer that you should at least be expected to pay shipping and handling.If you’re the type of person who falls for these scams online, then you probably think it’s acceptable to pay that shipping and handling fee.

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It may call itself a top-quality alternative and “Better Than Botox”.

But this is where the ‘fine-print waters' get muddy and murky and where we hope to help you make informed, educated decisions based on your skin care needs and wants.