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“Since your score takes a hit if you use more than 20% of your available balance, bringing the utilization rate down just 20% could significantly increase your score,” says Arnold. Often a simple phone call to the issuer is all it takes to get a reduced rate—provided that you have good credit (a score of 730 or higher) and you are a long-term customer who makes payments on time.

And if your answer is “Paying less in interest,” then the tried-and-true method is to pay off the card that has the highest interest rate first. You could get a percentage point or two shaved off, which can add up to hundreds of dollars saved annually.

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(Yes, do this even if you need to pay only the minimum on your other cards in the meantime.) If your answer is “Boosting my credit score,” then tackle the card with the highest utilization rate (that’s your balance divided by the card’s limit).

Card issuers typically charge interest on a daily basis, “so the sooner you make a payment, the faster your average daily balance is reduced, which translates into fewer dollars in interest that you ultimately pay,” says Gerri Detweiler, the director of consumer education for, a personal-finance website.

If you’re on a tight budget, go ahead and pay the minimum due each month, then try to make the same payment again two weeks later.

One tip to try: “If you’ve been offered a lower rate by a competitor, tell the customer-service rep,” says Bill Hardekopf, the CEO of Low, a credit-card comparison site.

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“There’s a chance they’ll match the offer.” (REAL SIMPLE: The Best Deals on School Supplies) 3. It’s tempting to move a balance from a card with a high interest rate to a card with a substantially lower one (find one at regardless of the cause, ridding yourself of that balance should be your top financial priority. So give yourself a boost of instant gratification right from the start, says Mary Ann Campbell, a certified financial planner in Little Rock, Arkansas.