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24-Jan-2021 23:07

The list of words became fairly lengthy, so I started a taxonomy and they ended up fitting into groups of three.

I'm sure the information architect in me (yes, I'm a geek, shut up.) will further categorize these groups, but it just began to seem... And then, the word, "compassionate" started resonating.

So I thought I'd maybe indulge into a little Omegele trolling(yes, I was that bored and shattered beyond imagination).

Of course this led from to and then to (the standard shit) After about twenty seconds of cock, cock, cock and more spineless characters, some random chicks appeared.

And not spend endless hours wasting time, siving through cocks, loops, people who are not stupid to fall for these old tricks. Am working through a painful D/s breakup and was hoping this would help others, so you're the I me my.

After the blind-siding end of a second long-term DD/lg relationship-- the first a 10-year marriage (not surprising), the last a 10-month 24/7 LDR (breathtakingly surprising. )-- and finding once again that I was moaning about passive-aggressive, narcissistic pussies who THINK they're Daddy Doms but are really submissive cowards, I made myself very quiet and asked myself exactly what I thought a good Daddy was.

she wants as many men as possible to violate her holes and fill her with as much cum as she can take.

I tried not to seem eager but my sissy clitty was rock hard, i was not dressed like a girl but i scambled past him inside just like an eager schoolgirl.

"I nearly crashed the car as he was hung like a horse... When we got to his flat he got out with his massive cock still hanging outta his fly, and simple said "Come on then" and motioned for me to come inside.

Get out of the house - alone, or with friends, that's your choice - go to a bar/pub/club... If you had to pick between "real sex" with some mediocre looking girl every night the next 50 years, after spending a ton of money on dates to get with her...

have a beverage of your liking and talk to someone who tickles your fancy. It's just much much easier to come here, or any other site with COPIOUS amounts of FREE porn, choose something that gets your rocks off and do your thing. or download an endless variety of Finding Daddy in a Good Girl Hello, Everyone, From the first person, so a lot of I me my...Getting all the basic stuff in check and out of the way, of course remembering how shit m$ was and thanking the heavens I got out of that mindless, self-indulging piece of shit most people naively claim is technology.

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