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30-Jun-2020 02:24

And it’s interesting that Iran’s own President announces that Isis is beaten – it used to be George W Bush who talked about “mission accomplished”.

And of course, now it is Putin who invites Bashar al-Assad to Sochi, and chats to the presidents of Iran and Turkey, and whose army remains in Syria, and remains a good friend of President-Field Marshal al-Sissi of Egypt.

Since Napoleon and his casualties were still a living memory, the French government wanted an army ‘that could face danger and human losses without drawing the political backlash that French-born victims would elicit’.

Out of this came the Legion’s legendary appeal to ne’er-do-wells, broken-hearted lovers, criminals, political refugees and ‘scions of aristocratic families leaving behind gambling debts’.

And not one of the “new” leaders who are taking over from the Americans is doing anything to alleviate either the corruption that is the great sickness of the Arab world or the inequality and tribal politics which the Ottoman Empire bequeathed to the Middle East when it collapsed.

Humanism has retreated rather than advanced and human and civil rights are now scarcely mentioned in the context of the region.

And they’re on the “terrorist” list – though not of course in Moscow, where Putin supports the Hezbollah’s ally Bashar.

What has not changed, however, in all these years, is the pit of injustice, impoverishment, educational ignorance, fear and indignity in which the Arab and Muslim peoples live in the Middle East.

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Laurel and Hardy ran away to join the Foreign Legion, as did Jim Dale in Carry On . Marty Feldman directed, co-wrote and starred in The Last Remake Of Beau Geste, with Peter Ustinov as the sadistic sergeant.Even the return of serious American foreign policy – which does not these days even amount to a Cheshire Cat – would be a relief.

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