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25-Jun-2020 07:01

They pray desperately for a man to come into their lives.

But to find real, carnal love would mean opening up to an actual human being who doesn’t always heap unconditional love over their heads — or know the deepest fears and insecurities they harbor.

Actually, what this woman described is a pretty common occurrence in evangelical circles like the one I grew up in — circles where dating is rare and sexual purity is paramount.

Instead of seeking perfection at every turn, I’ve had to admit that I’m also flawed, and that I sometimes act more like a bitch than a heavenly Princess.

Through clenched teeth, I now recite 1 Corinthians 13:5: “love..not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.” Ultimately, while dating Jesus filled me with feelings of piety, having a boyfriend who is not “without sin” has tested and challenged me to put into practice all my Christian ideals.

She conducted interviews and focus groups on two campuses, a small and large evangelical university.

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Readers will have to consider whether this small sample is truly representative.

Yearning for a relationship and social fulfillment, but paralyzed by a tyranny of unattainable standards, she distracts herself with a pseudo-romance that she can share with her entire community.