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13-Feb-2020 20:25

The terrorists win as soon as we direct our anger toward moderate Muslims instead of at the terrorists themselves,” Cekic told TV2.

The Local - Denmark An Austrian tattoo artist whose offer of free anti-racism tattoos attracted worldwide headlines has said he was nearly financially ruined after receiving hundreds of requests that took half a year to complete.

not medicine but a poison, we don’t need it and won’t swallow it,” he said.

Orban is a fierce opponent of the European Union’s troubled plan to share migrants across the 28-nation bloc under a mandatory quota system.

Jørgen Bæk Simonsen, an Islam expert at Copenhagen University, told Danish broadcaster TV2 that the results of the survey were “worrying.” “It is thought-provoking that we have now reached a point where the way we talk about one another has led to a third of the country’s population believing that we are at war with Islam,” Simonsen said.

“The migration and foreign policy advocated by the Republican candidate, Mr Trump, is good for Europe and vital for Hungary.” Orban had on Saturday called Trump’s security policies “valiant”.

Danish People's Party MP and integration spokesman Martin Henriksen told TV2 that he did not agree with the majority of his party’s voters, however.