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Exposing dirty politics is an essential step in allowing reasonable people to understand and to choose other approaches. It is where the law is made, repealed and dabbled with.

There is no need to follow those who are least principled down into the pit. It is supreme and it it the place where our elected representatives do their civic duty and ensure our democracy prevails.

Doing so first requires that I show you just how bad things are.

So, is the worst moment in the book when Simon Lusk is discussing with Cameron Slater how they want to use some alleged texts sent by Rodney Hide to "some girl" to pressure Hide to resign as ACT leader:[Tell Hide we have the texts] and will leak them if he doesn't resign by friday, and how will the new mrs hide react to that.

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Because I want to talk about the sorts of people who this book reveals for who they are, and what their participation in our politics means.

Because if they win – if the way we conduct our politics and manage our differences and decide our common path becomes their vision of how "the game" should be played – then we all lose something very valuable. The second is that this post isn't simply an attack on "the Right". There's plenty of good people involved on the right side of politics who are worthy of respect and engagement.