Digimon adventure dating sim

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Now with strange Black Command Seals on Shirou's hand and their old friend Saber by their side, Rin and Shirou must use all their skill to win the Great Holy Grail War and go home. He wished upon the Holy Grail for her to find a world where she wouldn't suffer any longer.

Strangely enough, he didn't expect himself to be picked up along for the ride as well!

But between Sparks, politics, dictators, and assassins from another world, will they survive?

Izuku Midoriya thought he was down on his luck the day that he was convicted of a crime for trying to save someone.

Senju Hashirama's dream to unify all of the warring clans of his country under one village remained just that; a dream.

Generations later, the ninja world still consists of pure clan affiliation.

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Author has written 34 stories for Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, Bleach, Flame of Recca, Sailor Moon, Love Hina, Fate/stay night, Harry Potter, Code Geass, Teknoman, Vandread, Dragon Ball Z, RWBY, Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure, Hokuto No Ken, Negima! When Gentaro Kisaragi AKA Kamen Rider Fourze came to Honnoji Academy, he did so with the intention of befriending Satsuki Kiryuin. An spinoff/alt version of Beyond the Outer Gates Lies... Originally written to show how Reya might join Harry's harem, though now has grown beyond that, and further from the original (maybe? Why, run away to attend Beacon in pursuit of a dream, of course. When Jaune's forged transcripts were rebuffed, his only option was to return home in disgrace or forge a new life in Vale.Devoid of purpose after discarding his ideals, he laid down to die.Through the work of fate Emiya Shirou does not die, but instead awakes in a new world.One-Shot turned into something else due to unexpected popularity.

Starting in the middle of December, a certain unlucky Imagine Breaker is having the most curious day...Jaune was born a Blacksmith, and thus that was his destiny. Emiya Shirou rejected the notion of sacrificing the few for the many.

Posing for pictures together and posting them on his twitter fan account only confirmed the case.… continue reading »

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