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05-Dec-2020 23:07

God heard them, and responded by promising to provide for them.Those of us who attended Sunday school know the story well—each morning, flakes of bread appeared on the ground; in the evening, quail covered the camp.We suggest that you set time aside to read that book together. • While growing up, did you receive positive or negative messages about sex?As designed by God, sexual desire in marriage is more than an after‐thought or a means to guarantee procreation. • How do you think this has affected our love life? Is there anything about our love life that you’d like to tell me?

Yes, we have concerns and hopes and dreams for the future.Scripture also uses sexual symbolism to describe the relationship between God and man.(Look, for example, at Isaiah 62:5; Jeremiah 7:9 and ; Ezekiel 16; Hosea; Ephesians 5; and Revelation 19:6–7.) In addition, Solomon’s Song of Songs clearly celebrates sexual pleasure between married lovers. Singles wonder whether there’s a spouse for them out there somewhere.

This kind of thinking doesn’t end when a person reaches adulthood.But this story tells us that we can live out our relationship with God only in the here and now.